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Data Center Services

We develop data centers that offer flexible and customized service to our customers. This service includes end-to-end supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of all data centre related equipment to ensure that the data centre is sufficiently accessible, powered, cooled and secure. Our data centre development services are designed to reduce our customers' operational and capital costs and improve their business performance and flexibility. Data centre services also includes:

  1. managed co-location services;
  2. utility backup services;
  3. utility storage services;
  4. monitoring and reporting services;
  5. managed firewall and IPS Services;

We are appointed as BROADBAND BUSINESS ASSOCIATE ("BBA") FOR Reliance Communications Limited for the Sale and Support of the Product Range which includes

  1. Direct Internet Access (Leased Lines) - DIA
  2. Data Lease Line - LL
  3. MPLS - Virtual Private Network - MPLS-VPN
  4. IPLC - International Private Leased Circuit
  5. Global Ethernet / Global MPLS
  6. PPU / IVS IP
  7. Internet Data Center - IDC
  8. E1-PRI / Centrex / OOD / RON / TFN
  9. VCS
  10. ACS

Managed Network Services

MNS (Managed Network Services)are designed to meet our customers' need for effective and reliable network services on an operational expense basis. We configure and maintain all necessary network equipment to provide customers with "last-mile" connectivity to enable access to RCIL bandwidth. In certain circumstances. We also monitor and manage equipment and the RCIL bandwidth service on a 24x7 basis. MNS is designed to provide RCIL customers with a MPLS-based network that connects multiple offices, provides internet services on a 99% uptime basis and provides a timely response for any problems within 4 hours to any location within India.

MNS service offerings include:

  1. end-to-end WAN solutions;
  2. data network infrastructure;
  3. Point-to-Point links;
  4. Managed Lease Line Network ("MLLN");
  5. Multi-Protocol Label Switching ("MPLS") VPN;
  6. VPN

We are also working as a Channel Partner of NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Private Ltd. Which delivers central IT platform as a service, including data center.

Providing datacenter & cloud services from it's own High Density Data Center (HDDCTM) facilities or deploy centrally managed On Premise Data Center (OPDCTM).

NxtGen's Enterprise Cloud Services (ECSTM) provide best of both worlds - Private Clouds hosted within OPDCs and Public or Hybrid Cloud infrastructure hosted at our own HDDCs.

For the smooth & trouble free operations our clients are backed up by team of specialized Engineers in various related hardware applications.

Choose from our wide range of data center products
blade chasis Blade Chasis
Cicso /Lenovo/Dell/HP
Blade server Blade Server
Cicso /Lenovo /Dell/HP
Router Router
Entire range of Juniper/Cisco

Switch Switch
Managed L3 Switches Cisco/HP/Dlink
Rack Server Rack Server
Entire range of Lenovo/HP
Tower Server Tower Server

Storage Storage
Lenovo/HP/EMC Std. & Enterprise
Network Rack Network Rack
President /Dlink /Valrack /APW /Schneider
Open Rack Open Rack
Cool Rack /President /Dlink /Valrack /APW /Schneider

Server Rack
Server Rack
17u to 42 u Cool Rack President /Dlink /Valrack /APW /Schneider