A “grid-tie SPV system” (sometimes referred as utility/grid interactive or On-Grid) is the one working in synchronization with EB grid and pushing electricity into the grid. That result in net energy drawn from the grid is reduced to an extent of solar PV energy generation. This is the simplest and most cost effective PV design for most of the sites where power is reliable and stable.

Additionally, the can be synchronized with DG when the load is higher than the PV generation.

If photovoltaic wattage substantially exceeds average consumption, the energy produced by the panels will be much in excess of the demand. In this case, the excess power can yield revenue by selling it to the grid through net meter.

Major Components
  • Most affordable & cost effective solution at the place where grid is more reliable.
  • Protecting Environment by eliminating CO2
  • A grid-connected photovoltaic power system will reduce the power bill as it is possible to sell surplus electricity produced to the local electricity supplier.
  • Grid interconnection of photovoltaic (PV) power generation systems has the advantage of effective utilization of generated power because there are no storage losses involved.
  • Battery less technology with high efficiency (>96%)
  • Future expansion is possible to any extent.
  • No separate load wiring is required. Can be connected to any type of load.
  • Corporate Houses/Buildings with High day time load.
  • Schools and Colleges.
  • Industries with day time peak load.
  • Small office & home office Commercial complexes & software parks.
  • Hotels and Resort.